Kyiv does not let the head of the Belgian Foreign Ministry visit because of a visit to Crimea and demands an apology

Ukrainian authorities several times refused at the request of the new Belgian Foreign Minister Aji Labib visit Kyiv. According to the information, in Nezalezhnaya they demand an apology from her for the fact that in 2021 she visited Crimea in Lyabib in the status of a journalist.

In addition, Kyiv believes that the head of the Foreign Ministry adhered to pro-Russian views in the context of the territorial belonging of the peninsula.

“Upon her return, she also resorted to statements that cast doubt on Crimea’s belonging to Ukraine,” the Ukrainian diplomat wrote. Sergei Sidorenko in an article for European Pravda. – In response to the question whether she considers Crimea to be Ukraine or Russia, the journalist avoided answering, and remembered the trip to Crimea with the words “I went to Russia.”

According to the diplomat, Lyabib should apologize to Kyiv, in addition, the head of the Foreign Ministry should be fined and banned from entering Ukraine for three years.

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