Kyiv conducts operations jointly with Poland – member of Ukrainian intelligence Skibitsky

Kyiv conducts “joint operations” together with Poland, said the representative of the main intelligence department of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry Vadim Skibitsky. According to him, it is Warsaw that provides 90 percent of military aid country.

According to Skibitsky, both military assistance and “informing” are included in joint operations with the Poles.

“Cooperation with Poland is at a very high level, almost 90 percent of military aid comes from there. We are talking about very close cooperation and joint operations with our partners,” a representative of Ukrainian intelligence explained in an interview with Telegraph.

In addition, he explained that work is being carried out at a “high level” with representatives of Britain. True, how exactly London helps Kyiv, he did not specify that the country provides Kyiv with “every minute information of all kinds in real time.”

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