Kyiv closed the issue with the counterattack on Kherson – Colonel Khodaryonok

Kyiv no longer has the strength to launch a counteroffensive against Kherson and southern Ukraine. This question can be considered closed. This opinion was expressed by a military observer, reserve colonel Mikhail Khodaryonok.

The expert briefly explained what happened to the APU over the past few days.

First, the Ukrainian army gave the order to delay all combat-ready formations and heavy artillery from the Donbass to prepare a “counteroffensive on Kherson”. And after the artillery left its positions in the village of Peski, Russian artillery “plowed” the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for two days with a barrage of fire.

The journalist noted that the Ukrainian military could only find 120-mm mortars for the “answer”, the firing range of which is three times less than that of the weakest gun.

At the same time, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny made it clear to President Volodymyr Zelensky by all available means that “the front is leaving,” the analyst added.

As a result, Zelensky instructed to return trains and car carriers with artillery back, but it was too late. The guns got stuck halfway, and the eastern front in Pesky and Avdeevka began to crumble.

“The genius of this tactical solution is simply off the charts,” Khodarenok concluded in his Telegram channel.

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