Kyiv cannot shift the blame to the Russian Federation for the attack on Yelenovka – “They would not have hit from HIMARS”

First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Dmitry Polyansky said that Kyiv’s attempts to shift responsibility for the strike on SIZO in Yelenovka and the death of dozens of people will end in failure.

As the politician emphasized, if the Ukrainians “were smarter”, they would not have beaten with American weapons, which Washington provided to Kyiv.

“Ukrainian Nazis are making futile attempts to shift the blame for this crime to us. If they were smarter, they could use something other than the US-provided HIMARS MLRS for shelling,” Polyansky said.

Formerly Pravda. Ru quoted the statement of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation that the Russian side invited experts to take part in the investigation of the attack on the pre-trial detention center UN and Red Cross.

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