Kyiv can forcefully take out residents of Donbass – Miroshnik

Ambassador of the Lugansk People’s Republic in Russia Rodion Miroshnik admitted that Kyiv would forcibly relocate civilians residents of Donbass.

According to him, Kyiv’s demands for “mandatory evacuation” from the liberated territories is a desire to delegitimize the forthcoming referendum. Miroshnik stressed that a quarter of the territory of Ukraine has already been liberated from the nationalists. After that, the Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky remembered the population, which is not under his control, the ambassador said.

“It is not ruled out that the resettlement will be carried out by force,” the diplomat said.

As Miroshnik explained, Kyiv intends to make sure that civilians not only leave the war zone, but also do not return to their homes. He is convinced that Zelensky is not satisfied that the civilian population in the liberated regions will be given the opportunity to self-determination.

The Kyiv regime is unable to disrupt the holding of the referendum, the ambassador concluded.

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