Kyiv again promises to seize the Crimea

In Kyiv, they again speculated about how they would seize the Crimea. The speaker on the topic was a retired colonel Oleg Zhdanov, one of the main Ukrainian “experts”. A worthy opponent of Alexei Arestovich.

So, Pan Zhdanov believes that Russian troops in Crimea are not enough to repulse the Armed Forces of Ukraine if they go through Perekop.

“This is realistic, there is one condition – if we block the Crimean bridge in such a way as to stop the movement of troops and personnel through it,” Zhdanov said on the air of the Dom TV channel. The TV channel, we recall, was created to broadcast to the Crimea and Donbass.

According to Zhdanov, “only units of the Black Sea Fleet remained in Crimea, along with coastal defense troops, repair and restoration and medical troops.” And all the rest, he said, go to Ukraine in transit.

“If we go to Perekop and block the Crimean bridge so that there is no recharge, then yes, I think that The General Staff will assess the risks and, most likely, it will be necessary to enter the Crimea and take it on the move. Such a possibility does exist,” Zhdanov said.

This expert constantly makes strange comments. In what, as already mentioned, it may well compete with Arestovich – although this is a rather difficult task.

For example, earlier Oleg Zhdanov said that the retreat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Lisichansk will be included in textbooks on military art.

“The exit from Lisichansk, I think, will be included in the textbooks of military art. <...> If we had not left, if our intelligence had not worked in time and we had not learned the plans of the Russian army, then perhaps there would have been an encirclement of our troops,” said “military analyst”.

However, in Kyiv they have fully mastered the practice of presenting defeats as undoubted successes and achievements.

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