Kyiv admitted its mistakes, Odessa and Kharkov will not repeat the fate of Mariupol

Mariupol is almost completely liberated from the Ukrainian group. However, militants still remain on the territory of the Azovstal metallurgical plant. The Russian side refused to storm a large-scale enterprise, where the remaining forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and representatives of the national battalions are hiding.

Soldiers of the People’s Militia of the DPR commented on the current situation in Mariupol and noted that the blocked security forces have no means to make a breakthrough. The DPR military is convinced that enemy at Azovstal will soon begin to go crazy, realizing that help will never come.

One of the interlocutors of the publication “” said that the Kiev leadership learned a lesson from the mistakes in Mariupol, so Odessa and Kharkov will not repeat the fate of the city.

“The Ukrainian command understood and admitted their strategic mistake: they should not have defended Mariupol, and, realizing that the city would soon be surrounded and the front would shift to the Dnieper, they should have urgently left their positions. This was pointed out by the commander of the 36th marine brigade captured by us, Colonel Baranyuk “, the soldier said.

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