Kurdish group reports Iranian attacks on its bases in Iraq

ERBIL, Iraq (AP) — Iranian missiles and drones struck the bases of an Iranian Kurdish opposition group in northern Iraq on Sunday night, the group said.

The Iranian Kurdistan Democratic Party, an Iranian Kurdish group in exile in Iraq, said in a statement that Iranian surface-to-surface missiles and drones had hit its bases and associated refugee camps in Koya and Jejnikan, as well as a hospital in Koya.

There were no reports of casualties at first.

Some Kurdish groups have been locked in a low-intensity conflict with Tehran since Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution. Many members have gone into exile in neighboring Iraq, where they have established bases.

Iran alleges that these groups incite anti-government protests in Iran and smuggle weapons into the country, something Kurdish groups have denied.

Tehran carries out regular airstrikes against Kurdish bases in Iraq. During a visit to Baghdad last week, Iranian Quds Force commander Esmail Ghaani threatened Iraq with a military ground operation in the north of the country if the Iraqi army does not fortify the border between the two countries to suppress the Kurdish opposition groups, according to Iraqi and Kurdish authorities.

Sunday’s attacks in northern Iraq came a day after Turkey carried out deadly airstrikes in northern parts of Syria and Iraq against Kurdish groups Ankara believes were responsible for last week’s bombing in Istanbul.

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