Kuleba on a new goal in the war with the Russian Federation: victory will be the liberation of all occupied territories

The head of the Foreign Ministry said this in an interview Financial Timestransmits Ukrainian truth.

“The picture of victory is an evolving concept. In the first months of the war, victory for us looked like a withdrawal of Russian troops to the positions they had occupied until February 24, and retribution for the damage done. Now, if we are strong enough on the military front and win the battle for Donbass, which will be decisive for the further dynamics of the war, then undoubtedly victory for us in this war will be the liberation of our remaining territories,” Kuleba said.

He noted that only the defeat of Russia will allow Ukraine to reopen its Black Sea ports and restore the export economy.

According to Kuleba, if Kyiv receives “even more military support, we will be able to push them back from the Kherson region, defeat the Black Sea Fleet and unblock the passage (to the sea – ed.)”.

At the same time, he also acknowledged that the bloodshed could be too much and Ukraine might have to negotiate a settlement.

In that case, Kyiv would like to “approach the inevitable moment with the strongest cards,” the Foreign Minister said.

He hopes that Western partners will continue to support Ukraine and provide modern weapons to fight the invaders.

Kuleba is confident that the Allies will support Ukraine to the end, including pushing Russia out of the Donbass and Crimea, since it was Moscow’s aggression that gave the West a new goal.

When three months ago “democracy was in decline” and “authoritarian regimes were on the offensive,” Ukraine’s resistance “returned US and EU unity,” he said.

“They already feel that our victory will be their victory, and therefore I believe that they will support us,” the minister said.

Kuleba said this a few hours after the Victory Day parade on Red Square in Moscow on May 9, during which Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the need to defend Russia from NATO by fighting in Ukraine.

As reported, despite expectations, on May 9, Russian President Vladimir Putin at a parade in Moscow during his speech did not declare war Ukraine. He also said nothing about a possible general Russian mobilization. Wherein the head of the Kremlin saidthat NATO and Ukraine were preparing for a “punitive operation in the Donbass, for an invasion of Russian historical lands, including Crimea.”

British intelligence believes that it is Russian underestimation of Ukrainian resistance and the losses of the Russian troops suffered because of this did not allow Vladimir Putin to announce the military successes of his army in Ukraine at the May 9 Victory Parade.


At 4 am on February 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a “special military operation” in the occupied Donbas. Russia launched missile strikes on Ukrainian territory and launched a direct full-scale invasion in four directions. The armed forces of Ukraine are rebuffing the enemy, the blitzkrieg plan – to capture Kyiv in two or three days – failed, the Russian army retreated from the capital. The Russian military commits thousands of war crimes and crimes against humanity throughout Ukraine.

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