Kremlin manuals for the media compare the war against Ukraine with the Battle of Neva

The leadership of the Russian Federation has prepared manuals for the media, in which a full-scale invasion of Ukraine is strongly recommended to be compared with the baptism of Rus and the Battle of the Neva.

It is reported by Ukrinform with reference to the publication “Jellyfish”who had the documents in their possession.

Two training manuals were prepared in July by the administration of the President of the Russian Federation. The invasion of Ukraine in them is explained by the actions of the “collective West”, which allegedly has been attacking Russia for almost a thousand years in order to “divide it and seize the country’s resources, as well as destroy the Orthodox faith.”

In the prepared installations, the authors are looking for parallels between the current war and the battle between Novgorod and Swedish troops in the 13th century. It is pointed out that the collective West has been trying for many centuries to split Orthodox Russia, inciting “peoples living near its borders” against it. However, the text says, the attacks end up “rallying society around a national leader” and successfully rebuffing the invaders.

As a leader in these theses about medieval Russia, Alexander Nevsky is implied.

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The second manual states that the basis for the strengthening and unity of the Russian state for hundreds of years to come was the baptism of Russia.

“The Orthodox faith teaches sympathy, love for one’s neighbor, tolerance for others. These values ​​formed the basis of Russian civilization and allowed Russia to unite hundreds of peoples,” the preamble says.

One of the goals of the war in Ukraine, the document proclaims “the fight against the atheists.” The Kremlin proposes to call them the Ukrainian military. Propagandists are invited to tell that they “sacrifice and commit ritual murders.”

The methods explain what the “collective West” is and why, from the Kremlin’s point of view, it needs the destruction of Russia. According to the authorities of the Russian Federation, at various times the “collective West” was the Teutonic Order, Sweden, the Commonwealth, Napoleon’s empire, the Third Reich and NATO. From Russia, they allegedly needed resources that ended in the West several centuries ago, because a consumer society had developed there.

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According to two anonymous Meduza sources close to the presidential administration, the Kremlin is now trying to find models that could explain to the Russians the reasons and the whole invasion of Ukraine. The propaganda arguments should lead the audience to the thesis that the Russian invasion was a “preemptive strike.” This thesis has already been used by both the pro-government media and Putin himself.

On February 24, the Russian Federation began a new stage of the war against Ukraine – a full-scale invasion. The invaders shell and bomb peaceful towns and villages, torture and kill civilians. Democracies are imposing sanctions against Russia that have a negative impact on the Russian economy.

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