Kosovo police announced the closure of two checkpoints on the border with Serbia | News from Germany about Europe | DW

Serbia and Kosovo are on the verge of a new confrontation. Kosovo police said on Sunday, July 31, that they had closed the Brnjak and Jarine checkpoints on the border with Serbia because, according to them, local Serbian protesters were blocking the roads.

The police reported that at one of the sites, the demonstrators even shot at the authorities.

The protests erupted after Kosovo’s Prime Minister Albin Kurti ordered the re-registration of vehicles and the replacement of license plates issued in Serbia to Serbs living in northern Kosovo with Kosovo ones within 60 days from 1 August this year.

You do not need to pay customs duty and undergo technical inspection, but after two months the numbers of cars that have not passed re-registration will be withdrawn. Now in northern Kosovo about 10,000 cars with license plates issued in Serbia are in use.

Last fall due to the same problem confrontation between Serbia and Kosovo nearly escalated into an armed conflict.

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