Kosovo government agrees to postpone replacement of Serbian documents for a month

The Kosovo government has agreed to delay the replacement of Serbian documents and license plates for a month.

About it informed Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti, Ukrinform reports.

“In cooperation with our international allies, we are committed to delaying enforcement of vehicle license plate and entry-exit document decisions at Serbian border crossings for 30 days, provided that all barricades are removed and full freedom of movement is restored,” wrote Kurti on Twitter.

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Kurti released a government statement. It says that the government of Kosovo strongly condemns the blocking of roads in northern Kosovo and the shooting there.

“This is about a tendency to destabilize Kosovo and jeopardize the peace and security of citizens and our country. Numerous aggressive actions provoked and prepared by official Belgrade took place this afternoon and evening,” the statement said.

Earlier, Kurti, along with President Osa Osmani and deputy prime ministers, met with US and European international representatives.

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Serbs in northern Kosovo reportedly blocked a main road near the Jarinje border crossing with trucks on Sunday. A blockade is also reported on the Pristina-Raško road.

The Kosovo police announced that due to the blockade, the border crossings of Jarinje and Brnjak are closed. People take alternative routes.

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According to media reports, the Ibar bridge in the city of Mitrovica, connecting the northern Serbian part and the southern Albanian, was blocked by KFOR forces – an international force led by NATOresponsible for ensuring stability in Kosovo, put on alert.

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