Korban case. How not to become Russia

Korban’s name secret presidential decree on the termination of citizenship ten Ukrainians we consider exclusively in this context. Moreover, we deliberately omit not only the “servant of the people” Igor Vasilkovsky, who fled on February 24 with a Romanian passport abroad (where he managed to get into a sex scandal and return), but also the name of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. This is the hero of a story with a different plot.

However, the news reason for focusing on the history of Korban is no longer even the deprivation of his citizenship, but the fact that everyone swallowed it. While it is impossible for society, the media, politicians and everyone who is going to build a democratic Ukraine after the victory, to completely switch to other, even the most painful events – and we are being shelled with rockets and we lose people every day. It is also impossible not to respond to the signals given by the authorities during this time (including the comments of the president and the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council). Because in the situation that Bankova laid down for Korban, there are moments that indicate that the authorities are losing their shores in their suspicion, their pettiness, and it becomes dangerous for everyone who is for Ukraine, but not silently.

Let’s start with the fact that at the end of June, Gennady Korban on his Facebook page addressed to the president with a request to give the communities the opportunity to carry out defense purchases without Prozorro tenders, which the Cabinet of Ministers returned by its decree. The problem on the ground has also aggravated due to the fact that, even though, according to the Budget Code, the communities are obliged to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Troops, the prime minister has not heard requests for more than two months to be allowed to work with Western suppliers on a prepaid basis. Against the background of the catastrophic situation with the supply of the army and the Troops (we are talking about equipment, bulletproof vests, protective equipment, etc.), the lack of attention of the Cabinet of Ministers to the requests of the communities outraged not only Korban, who dared to publicly address the president, but also the mayor of Dnipro Boris Filatov.

Interview Filatov to our publication on this topic was by no means a political attack by the fledgling Dnieper elites, who, according to a number of people from the OPU, “abuse the city budget for their own selfish purposes.” Filatov outlined the position of the Association of Ukrainian Cities (ASU), which has been writing letters to the Cabinet of Ministers for two months. There are a thousand communities behind the PSA, and this position is supported even by those mayors who try to stay away from the activities of the Association. In particular, the mayor of Chernigov, Vladislav Atroshenko, although he did not support the tone of Filatov, who defeated the policy of the current prime minister Denys Shmyhal, however, with theses on procurement agreed without hesitation.

It is worth clarifying that against the backdrop of Bankova’s strategy, which is ready sooner or later to replace the weak Cabinet of Ministers, the conflict between the mayors and the government played into the hands of the OPU. Moreover, as it turned out, it is now much easier for local self-government bodies (LGUs) to solve problems with the president’s office than with the government. For it is clear to them: during the war, the Cabinet of Ministers as an institution was finally replaced by the head of the OPU Andrey Yermak and Co.

After long heated debates with the moderation of the deputy head of the OPU Kirill Tymoshenko, changes were made to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers. And it was done in favor of ASU. However, the revolt raised by Korban was not forgotten, but the finger was bent. But this finger was not the first. Even in the recent history of Ukraine, which exploded on February 24th.

According to our information, the president’s office decided that journalist Yuri Butusov, a constant critic of the authorities, “is on Korban’s salary.” As if there was no Butusov before Korban. Like he didn’t smash years ago in his articles in the “Mirror of the Week” now dear to the heart of Arakhamia and Ivanchuk EDAPS. As if he didn’t butcher counterfeit vodka manufacturers, didn’t understand Shepelev’s banking scams, etc. Did not smash military high command in 2014–15.

But in the view of Bankova, and not only this one, but all banks, a journalist cannot have his own opinion. It can only be a pet. Like the prime minister or the head of the SBU. Butusov without a muzzle is Korban’s responsibility. There is no Korban in the country – the issue is resolved. This is the logic of the power of the country – a candidate for EU membership.

But as for the authorities in the Dnieper and, by and large, in the entire region – a stronghold and still obese region – here Korban really looks a lot if not like a puppeteer, then at least like a financial director of a puppet theater for sure. Can Bankova like the lack of real control over the president’s home region? Of course not. Therefore, having pulled out a tooth, the authorities hope to pull out the entire bridge. And put in your implants. Not thinking about whether they will live there or not.

Photo: Dnipro City Council

Ping-pong between Korban and Bankova could continue for a long time. And Kyrylo Tymoshenko (just a couple of years ago both Korban and Zelensky were clients of his no-talented PR agency) could continue to prove his waning need by moderating this process. If not on the horizon congresswoman appeared from the US Republican Party Victoria Spartz. A stigma for all objectionable, under which it is now possible to sell the execution of anyone to the president.

And Korban, who met with her for 30 minutes on one of her visits. And Kolomoisky, according to whose alleged scenario she appeared in Ukraine, and then shocked the authorities that had cooled to the oligarch with her statements. Even former Foreign Minister Konstantin Grishchenko was on the international wanted list, because a diplomat from our embassy in the United States, covering up a thin scar on his favorite chair, tapped on Bankovaya: Grishchenko is involved in organizing visits to Spartz.

It was not Litvin who was needed in connection with the Kharkov agreements, not Boyko, who oversaw the issues of gas and its prices under Yanukovych (which was what this agreement was about), not Demchenko, the ideologist of these agreements, who simply retired. And Grishchenko, who did not see Spartz in his eyes, but at the same time did not climb out of the American channels, demanding to close the sky, as well as from the lobbyists of the American military-industrial complex, convincing them why it is beneficial to support the idea of ​​​​supplying weapons to Ukraine.

In the fate of citizen Korban, Spartz was the last straw. Suspicion is everything? Is settling accounts our everything? And does Bankova have time and energy for this? Against the backdrop of war and economic collapse, losses and a catastrophic lack of resources? Is there time to come up with an insidious plan and send two disguised DBE members to the border under the guise of employees of the military registration and enlistment office in order to hand over the summons to the hated ex-Prosecutor General Ryaboshapka under cameras? Who later appeared at the military registration and enlistment office, where he was told: you have three children, you are not subject to mobilization, and in general we did not write out any agenda for you. And this is the scale of the Time magazine front page star and his producer?

Can the authorities turn up their noses at 11 million confiscated bribe dollars, just because they were offered to be used for the needs of the military by ex-head of NABU Sytnik and ex-secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Danilyuk? Can the authorities discuss the appointment of Zaluzhny to the post of Minister of Defense only because one of the political strategists suggests that a new political force can grow out of the commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine?

People, not very kind, what are you doing? Do not be distructed. Look at the ratings and calm down. You have now eclipsed all who were, and bottled up all who will be. Who will point out your mistakes now? You hate everyone who “tries to teach you.” “You can reach Macron with one click and Biden with two clicks? Are the parliaments of the world listening to you with their mouths open? Are the world’s largest media fighting with you for an interview? Who are you to teach me?” This is how they talk at Bankovaya when it comes to energy, finance, logistics, the quality of laws, and so on.

Yes, the president manages to turn the love of the world media and the masses to the benefit of Ukraine in many ways. But who will protect the country from your internal miscalculations and incompetence? Only those who love the country no less than you, but understand more about many issues. But you make enemies out of those who want to help, while not noticing the enemies who have been harming for a long time. (Either out of malice or out of idiocy).

Therefore, the question – why Korban? – the President of Ukraine, Chrysostom, tearing off the applause of the whole world, answers indistinctly formally: “Firstly, there are no speculations. We on a regular basis grant citizenship of our state or deprive. This is an ongoing process and everything happens constantly within the framework of the current legislation.” But in fact? What about conscience?

In addition to what he said, on the same day, the words of NSDC Secretary Oleksiy Danilov flew on Twitter: “A person who is involved in politics must publicly announce that he has another citizenship other than Ukrainian. We will continue to stubbornly cleanse the country from agents of influence of the Russian Federation, traitors and collaborators“.

Seriously? According to our information, Gennady Korban, the holder of a fresh certificate of honor from the Minister of Defense, had a clarifying telephone conversation with Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Danilov. And although the opponents did not manage to avoid profanity in the course of a non-public discussion, it nevertheless turned out that Danilov, by traitors and collaborators, meant holders of Russian passports.

But Korban did not have a Russian passport. And most importantly, neither the President nor the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council explained why these were chosen from millions of dual nationals. What are the criteria? Alphabet? Growth? Assets? And why did no one explain anything to anyone and did not prove it? Yes, so tomorrow the OPU will deprive the citizenship of the conditional Pritula, Chmut or Butusov – anyone who does not like it. And there is no need to explain or prove anything. Because right now, no one has gotten the president to give clear explanations for such a decision.

According to ZN.UA, more than three hundred Israelis are now fighting in Ukraine. Last week, in the Israeli town of Karmiel, three friends, classmates, who went together to defend our country, were buried. So why is it possible for them to defend Ukraine, but Korban, even if he has the same passport, is not? But if we are talking about dual nationals in power, to which Korban had no official relationship, then guys, really, turn out the inside pockets of your jackets. Korban also suggested that the NSDC Secretary create a “joint venture” to identify people with dual citizenship in power. Be consistent.

But the selective application of the law is another disease of all banking. Always acting on the principle: everything is for friends, the law is for enemies. Banking Zelensky is no exception. And no stories with the resignations of Bakanov or Venediktova, who are trying to sell as the ability to “plant three friends,” will work for those who are able to think.

… It is already obvious that in the story with Korban now no one will rewind anything. Zelensky and his team clearly calculated that the war would write everything off. And now let Korban’s trained lawyers fight for years in Ukrainian courts for his civil rights, citing either Article 25 of the Constitution, or the law on citizenship, etc.

But what do you order to do to those who do not fade suspicions? If they are in trend now. Doesn’t a blow to the organization of the defense of the Dnieper at the time of the transition to the third stage of the war and the activation of the Russians not look like a Russian offer? The Dnieper is important in the fate of the south of our country. And no matter what, according to the adviser to the head of the OPU Podolyak, “not a very bad governor, and not a very bad mayor”, is the removal of manager Korban from the defense system really good for the country?

We are not lawyers for Korban, but we are lawyers for the honor and dignity of the state. Who shouldn’t treat their citizens like that. Today with these, and tomorrow with any other.

Maybe not everyone remembers the parable about the frog that jumps out if you throw it into a pot of boiling water. But if the water is heated gradually, the frog will boil. The fates, rights and dignity of millions of people are boiled in the Russian saucepan. The water in our pot is heating up. Attentive – it’s already hot.

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