Konstantin Malofeev: Obscene peace will lead to a second Ukrainian war

Konstantin Malafeev, founder of the Tsargrad TV channel and deputy head of the World Russian People's Cathedral, in the Let's Say TV studio.

Konstantin Malafeev, founder of the Tsargrad TV channel and deputy head of the World Russian People’s Cathedral, in the Let’s Say TV studio.

A photo: YouTube

Konstantin Malofeev, founder of the Tsargrad TV channel and deputy head of the World Russian People’s Cathedral in the next episode of the show “Let’s say” outlined the main pain points of our confrontation in Ukraine with world evil.


– What is happening in Ukraine is a war with the West. I would call it a holy war. We have different values. We defend real values, and they are anti-values, abominations.

– Ukraine is the battlefield of this holy war. And the Ukrainian people are the victims of this holy war.


– In 2014, when the Ukrainian people for the most part did not recognize this power and there was no power itself for three months, Crimea was then admitted to Russia. And the Kyiv junta, invented by the Western intelligence services, which came to power on the blood, began to bomb Donetsk, its own people.

– In Donetsk and Luhansk, they had every right not to recognize this junta, since there was no power in Ukraine in the spring of 2014.

– Having unleashed a war against its people, the junta turned Ukraine into a corrupt pseudo-state, which Zelensky personified with his quarter 95. Such an endless wedding in Malinovka.

– But this comedy turned into a tragedy when they started killing.


– When the West refused to ensure our security, then in January 2022, Putin said that we would ensure our security ourselves. And we provide it due to the fact that, unfortunately, the blood of Russian and Ukrainian peasants is shed.

– We are fighting for our ideals, for our common holy Rus’ with them. And they are fighting for Western money and for Western myth – and they are moving forward on military chemistry.


– We will be reunited with the Ukrainians when Ukraine returns to its native harbor, in the words of our president. Now 4 regions have returned to their native harbor. How many are left – 20 regions?

– When we reach Lvov, only ours will remain there.

– Ukraine is a state that does not exist without the Anti-Russia project. The West created this project from us. Ukrainians are Russians without an imperial idea. In the 90s we were such a Ukraine, immoral, without ideas.

– As long as this project exists, everything will be inserted into it, from sodomy to surrogate motherhood.

– Those who left for Europe will choke on all this and return with repentance.


– Why Ukraine could not resist evil, but we could? Because Russia is the Third Rome. And the whole history of the struggle of civilizations is a struggle between imperial and commercial aspirations, civilizations of comfort and consumerism.

– It’s not Ukraine that failed – it’s us that failed. Because without the imperial idea and nuclear weapons, we will become the same.

Konstantin Malafeev: "Ukraine is a state that does not exist without the Anti-Russia project".

Konstantin Malafeev: “Ukraine is a state that does not exist without the Anti-Russia project.”

A photo: YouTube


– Here is the procession in Ukraine last year. There were 300 thousand people there. Ukrainians are more Orthodox than we are. But they cannot resist the state.

– In Russia, the main words are service, duty and honor. And they have profit and success. And service – if you are ready to serve to death. And now the two main estates are the priesthood and the warriors.

– We are at war with American intelligence, with American equipment and with officers who receive American salaries. After all, Ukraine is currently supported by 60 percent due to foreign subsidies, primarily American ones.

– Defeating the world hegemon, which after the fall of the USSR grew fat will not be easy.


– No matter what Ukrainian propagandists say, if we use weapons of mass destruction, the collective West will not respond.

– The Russians have never lost in a people’s war in their history.

– What is the ideology of victory? This is the ministry When all the people realize that it is our duty to overcome.

– The rhetoric is changing. From Operation Z we move on to the rhetoric of the Holy War. But not fast enough.


– Obscene peace will lead us to the second Ukrainian war. There will be no Minsk-3.

– Now China and I are rapidly turning into a powerful military-economic bloc. We have powerful nuclear weapons, they have a powerful economy.

– Such a big state cannot live without ideology. Our traditional values ​​should become the central core.

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