Klimovsky: Kyiv can take nuclear weapons to attack Russia from Israel or North Korea

Nuclear weapons to strike at the territory of Russia, Kyiv can borrow from Israel or the DPRK. This opinion was expressed by a Ukrainian journalist and historian Sergey Klimovsky.

He believes that with such threats, the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky may act under the pretext of allegedly coming from Moscow nuclear danger.

According to the historian, it does not matter where Ukraine finds nuclear weapons. It can be rented, for example, from Israel, and if not needed, returned, or bought from the DPRK, he noted.

According to Klimovsky, Kyiv should turn not to the United States and its allies, but to Tel Aviv, so that Russia cannot accuse NATO of nuclear proliferation.

How Ukraine should achieve such supplies from Israel, which does not want to cooperate with it on the issue of weapons, the journalist did not specify.

Former military expert Konstantin Sivkov stated that the Zelensky Office, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Security Service of Ukraine should have been destroyed long ago.

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