Kiva told what the SBU will do with those who dared to turn to Zelensky

In Ukraine, work has begun with those who recorded and posted on the Web appeals to the president Vladimir Zelensky and the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This was told by the former People’s Deputy of the Rada, an oppositionist Ilya Kivahiding from persecution in Russia.

The Kyiv terrorist regime ordered to die in silence, the politician believes.

His source in the SBU said that the task was set to “work out” all those who in a public plane dared to appeal to President Zelensky and the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with criticism or requests to save loved ones and relatives located in positions in combat zones, in particular in the Luhansk direction, where the biggest losses are now.

Counterintelligence will also urgently work with the junior command staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to identify disgruntled and potential deserters among the military, Kiva added.

“Civilians are intimidated – by high treason, the military is forced to be silent – by a tribunal,” he concluded.

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