Kirkorov about Zelensky: “I have already regretted a thousand times that I starred in a film with him!”

The artist remembered how the film

The artist remembered how the film “Love in the City” was filmed

A photo: Julia PYKHALOVA

January days, many Russian stars spend in Dubai. After all, this country is one of the few where Russians are now welcome.

Arrived there with a concert and pop king Philip Kirkorov. The artist was invited to perform at the iconic Russian restaurant “Chalet Berezka”.

On the built Philip Kirkorov (artist recently had plastic surgery surgeon Timur Khaidarov), of course, all the Dubai nobility came to see. There was a full house in the hall, the king not only sang, but also “ran” over the enemies.

Inviting your girlfriend to the stage singer Volga KorolPhilip remembered how he was filming with this beauty and President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in film “Sex and the City”.

– Come here, my friend fighting. Now we will sing the song “Tea Rose”, which I once performed with Masha Rasputina. We then predicted a situation with UE with her, ”Kirkorov joked. – In this song there are such words: “Ye, you don’t hear me, I don’t hear you!” Volga and I went through fire and water, starred together in a film with the future president … not of our country. But we have already regretted it a thousand times (laughs)!

Recall: On January 8, Vladimir Zelensky signed a decree on the next sanctions list, which included many Russian artists. Among the artists banned in Ukraine turned out to be Philip Kirkorov.

In reply Philip just laughed. over Zelensky.

I accept congratulations from all friends and acquaintances about getting into the sanctions list of Mr. Zelensky. Thank you for recognizing my talent, for recognizing my significance and popularity,” Kirkorov wrote on his blog. “Culture, songs, works of literature as then, and even more so now, cannot be canceled, it’s time to understand and accept this,” said Philip. – Unfortunately, it’s a cancel culture phenomenonas from the work of the “Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors”, distorts reality and, like the abolition of Salman Rushdie, up to mortal sanctions in the fraternal territories of his homeland, is praised in the West.

My old friend and partner on the set got into the role too much, and the script that is sent to him from across the ocean leads both himself and the country that he was entrusted to the ashes, I am very sorry for him and people close to me from Ukraine Unfortunately, the fanatical people who have taken over the propaganda and news agendas are preventing people from hearing their relatives, friends and other alternative opinions and news. In the meantime, I was lucky, only my songs were banned, yes, my bunny, Zelensky?, – the artist turned to his former colleague.


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