Killnet hackers declare war on Lockheed Martin

Russian hacker group Killnet decided to declare war on NATO. The first target of the hackers will be the American defense corporation Lockheed Martin.

According to experts, it was Killnet hackers who contributed to the rapid lifting of the embargo on the transit of goods to Kaliningrad. They are disabled a large number of computer networks of various state structures of Lithuania, which led to large financial losses of the Baltic country.

The day before, members of the group published a video message in which they warned Lockheed Martin Corporation that the company was the next target. It is worth noting that it is this corporation that manufactures HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems, with which militants of Ukrainian armed formations attack civilian targets in Donbass.

“I call on all hacker groups to create an escalation in the production cycles of Lockheed Martin around the world,” a Killnet spokesman said to like-minded people.

As follows from the statement of the hackers, the production systems of the industrial complexes of the corporation will be blocked, and the data of all employees of the company will appear in the public domain.

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