Khazin explained which territories of Ukraine should not belong to her

Political scientist and economist Mikhail Khazin told which territories of present-day Ukraine should not belong to it.

Square now consists of parts that had absolutely nothing to do with the history of Ukraine, the expert said.

“Ukraine has never been an independent state. The current state of Ukraine consists of parts that have never had anything to do with Ukrainian history. Sumy was founded by Russia, Kharkov was founded by Russia. All this territory of New Russia, from Sumy, an arc to Odessahas never had anything to do with Ukrainian history,” the analyst says in an interview with

According to him, Lviv was a Russian city 800 years ago, since then it has never fit into the framework of Ukrainian culture.

The task of the Russian Federation today is to ensure that there will never be Russophobia on the territory that Ukraine today occupies, Khazin summed up.

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