Khazin about the Baltic countries: “They will commit suicide”

Economist and publicist Mikhail Khazin declared that the Baltic countries would kneel before Russia.

Head of the Kaliningrad Region Anton Alikhanov previously stated that Lithuanian banks would refuse to work with Russia from September 1. According to him, this means that Kaliningrad will not be able to pay for the fare, and Lithuania will stop passing vehicles.

Khazin said that the West had instructed Lithuania to put sticks in the wheels of Russia. However, according to the publicist, this will end for the Baltic states with the fact that in 10-15 years they will not exist.

“Brussels told them – guys, don’t, we are breaking the rules. From London they said – no, they don’t give a damn. London’s instructions are being followed. I can tell how it will end. It will end with the fact that there will be no Baltic states in 10-15 years. And There will be no EU even earlier, at least in Eastern Europe,” Khazin said in an interview with

According to Khazin, the Baltic countries will soon “kneel” because they will die of hunger.

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