Khasbulatov lives in Brezhnev’s apartment and visits Kadyrov

Ruslan Khasbulatov during an interview "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Ruslan Khasbulatov during an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda.

A photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN


– Ruslan Imranovich, I no longer hoped for a meeting …

– Yes, I haven’t given interviews for a long time. Climb, climb … But you could not refuse.

– I thought that by the age of 80 you would be in a hat, with a mustache. I see a mustache. Is it Caucasian?

– No, rather hussars.

Warm meeting: Alexander Gamov and Ruslan Khasbulatov.

Warm meeting: Alexander Gamov and Ruslan Khasbulatov.

A photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

– What about papa? Burka?

– There is. Houses. Both black and white.

– And the dagger?

– Well, a lot of daggers. Probably fifty. Gifted.


Ruslan Khasbulatov now has a hussar mustache and history books that he writes himself.

Ruslan Khasbulatov now has a hussar mustache and history books that he writes himself.

A photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

– Do you also live in a Brezhnev apartment?

– Why in Brezhnev? I live in mine.

– Was it prepared for Brezhnev? There is a separate elevator.

– Yes. Brezhnev’s daughter, Galina, lived next to us, we had friendly relations. She said that Leonid Ilyich came in, looked at the apartment: “Uncomfortable, I don’t want to.” And gave it to her. They lived there with Churbanov (husband of Galina Brezhneva, was the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the USSR. – A. G.). Galina moved out to a large apartment on Kutuzovsky. And this one was handed over to the Moscow City Council. Luzhkov offered me to come here.

– I was visiting you. There seem to be six rooms?

“Now, are you surprised by this?” Six, yes.


– Do you still smoke a pipe now?

– Well, I just hide it, it’s not fashionable now. Another trend.

– And what kind of books does Professor Khasbulatov have on the table?

– These are three volumes out of ten of military-political analysis – from the formation of Russia to its disappearance.

– Whose disappearance?

– Like whose? Big Russia has disappeared! Union republics are a convention. We should have had 400 million people. Now how much? 150…


Autumn 1993.  Right after the White House was shot down by tanks.  Khasbulatov and Rutskoi (right) are taken out for arrest.

Autumn 1993. Right after the White House was shot down by tanks. Khasbulatov and Rutskoi (right) are taken out for arrest.

A photo: EAST NEWS

– Remember, I snuck into you on the eve of the execution of the “White House”, on October 3, 1993?

– Yes, you said: oh, I thought you were in a panic here …

– And your shirts hung ironed, and sausages were cooked. I then asked: Ruslan Imranovich, are you not afraid that I will kill you?

– I remember. I am a fatalist. What is intended by the Almighty, you will not escape from it.

– But what if Yeltsin had not fired at the White House and Khasbulatov had remained in power? What would be? Parliamentary republic? Where would they roll?

– I would taxi, I said – let’s try soft capitalism like the NEP. The standard of living would be higher than in France.

– Why, is it tall?

– Of course, three times higher than ours.

I was there, didn’t notice.

– And I was in 115 countries. I flew every month. Promoted Gorbachev.

– And now how do you feel about Gorbachev?

– Contradictory. He is still the main breaker of the USSR. And Yeltsin only pushed. If Gorbachev had held out longer, maybe he would have created a confederation of nine union republics. But Yeltsin did not.

– Only if you seized power, would you not give it away?

– Who asked me? The people choose. Would not have chosen – everything, I would have gone to the department. Not in jail…


– How many months did you spend in prison after the execution of the parliament?

– Five. In Lefortovo.

– What were they thinking?

– I wrote. Here is the book “The Great Russian Tragedy”, I started it there.

– There is one chapter called “Journalist”.

– Yes, yes, meeting with you. In “Lefortovo” there was a table screwed to the floor, the head of the prison (there was a decent head, a colonel) gave me a lamp, and I worked at night. And suddenly they sent a political officer, well, a KGB officer. And he went around at night, saw and began to be rude: “Remove the lamp. Who did I tell? Prisoner, stand up!” I uprooted this lamp, as I hit him on the head. He jumped out. Guards ran in, pointing their guns. But the head of the prison removed this political instructor.

– Didn’t try again?

– Almost got poisoned. The head of the medical unit says: “I was walking at 11 o’clock at night, I thought, let me go to Khasbulatov.” I went in, and I already have foam. He kicked me out.

– And who could poison you?

– There was one nondescript, gray nurse. And I caught a bad cold in the first days there. She: “I’ll give you a good injection.” And after 5 minutes, I see, I lose consciousness. The doctor says: “The fact that your body is strong saved me.” I grew up in Siberia, went to the wolves with my brothers. I had a team of loaders – former convicts.

– They don’t call you now?

– Not. They called before. They didn’t even introduce themselves, they said: “Please accept my respect.”


– Do you visit Chechnya?

– Well, how about it.

– Do you see Kadyrov?

– I don’t bother him. But when he finds out that I am in the republic, he calls, sends a car.

– Do you speak Russian or Chechen among yourselves?

– And so, and so, half in Russian, half in Chechen. This is our style.

– It’s not you who nailed him to understand politics like that?

– No, he himself has a rare property … to absorb everything. Very capable.


– Did you meet with Yeltsin after prison?

– No, although he sent Yarov (vice speaker of the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation. – A. G.) to me. Wanted me to write an apology. And he promised me any position, except for the prime minister and the minister of defense. I answered: can’t Yeltsin offer me a post without a note of apology?

– When I made my way to the “White House” in 1993, I first went to Rutskoi, and there they drank. Guards: “Who? “TVNZ”? Get out from here!” Then I – to you. And I was struck that you had only armed Chechens.

– Why alone? The guards were all Russian. It seemed to you. You are suspicious.

– I then thought: if Khasbulatov takes power, he will put Chechens everywhere.

– We would have taken power if it were not for the scoundrel Dudayev. He also forbade volunteers from Chechnya to go to Moscow. If even a hundred armed men had come, the whole Yeltsin gang would have fled.

And in the fall of 1991, I sent General Deinekin to Dudayev. Moreover, he agreed this with Yeltsin. He said: promise him at least an army general, only let him leave Chechnya, don’t stir up there … Then Yeltsin and I were on excellent terms.

And Deinekin was negotiating there. Dudaev agreed, rejoiced like a child. And on the second day, everything was canceled.

– Why?

– Dudayev’s assistant, who listened to his conversation with Deinekin, told me. After negotiations, Dudayev received a call from someone from the Kremlin at night: there is nothing for you to go to Moscow. When we remove Khasbulatov, then you will come.

Ruslan Imranovich among his students.

Ruslan Imranovich among his students.

A photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN


– Professor, why is Russia not sinking now after the introduction of all these sanctions?

– Cuba is a small country, how many years under sanctions? Didn’t drown. Iran did not sink. And we won’t drown.

– What are they, such fools in the West that they cannot cope with us?

– In the West, the degradation of leaders. They cannot be compared either with Churchill or Roosevelt. As soon as the USSR fell, the competition of systems disappeared. They calmed down.

And here’s what they didn’t figure out. Our country has received $3.5 trillion from oil and gas over the past 15 years. There is a margin of safety.

But we don’t need to be too optimistic. The sanctions are long. The money will run out. You have to think and decide.

– We will not lose to the West?

– We can’t lose. Because the Soviet Union, which has gone into oblivion, continues to protect us. He left us nuclear weapons. But whether we can win – it depends only on us.

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