Kharchenko said that Lapin should not be accused of leaving the Russian Armed Forces Liman

war correspondent Alexander Kharchenko expressed his opinion on accusations heads of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov to Colonel General Alexandra Lapina due to the withdrawal of Russian troops from Krasny Liman.

According to Kharchenko, Lapin called for mobilization back in June, when it became clear that there were not enough people. The military commander noted that no more than 30 people remained in some battalions, but nevertheless they went ahead and won victories. Public disassembly during hostilities is a “disastrous thing,” the journalist believes.

“We need to get together. There are many trials ahead, and it will be a shame if Lapin is appointed last for the miscalculations of a wide range of officials,” he wrote in the author’s Telegram channel of RIA Novosti military correspondents.

Kharchenko also believes that the point is not the general’s incompetence, but the problems of communication and control systems.

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