Kenia López Rabadán assured that AMLO protects Yasmín Esquivel because “he votes everything in favor”

The PAN member attacked the minister (Twitter/@kenialopezr/@YasminEsquivel_/Andrés Manuel López Obrador)
The PAN member attacked the minister (Twitter/@kenialopezr/@YasminEsquivel_/Andrés Manuel López Obrador)

The vice coordinator of the bench of the National Action Party (PAN) in the Senate of the Republic, Kenya Lopez Rabadanaccused the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) to protect the Minister Yasmin Esquivel Mossa of the accusations of alleged plagiarism in his degree thesis because he votes in favor of his actions in plenary session of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN).

During his broadcast of the anti-morningwhich is presented in the Congress channelthe legislator responded to the words of the Mexican president in the morning from the National Palace and indicated that he has been in favor of the professional lawyer because Esquivel Mossa always has voted in favor of what the head of the Federal Executive is requesting.

Given the above, the breadmaker branded the alleged attitude of Tabasco as “immoral”For this reason, he ruled that the opposition will continue pointing out and demanding what goes against the correct way of managing the Mexican State.

“Beyond, of course, our clear disagreement because Mrs. Esquivel has always voted in favor of the whims of López Obrador and that in addition to being immoral, of course we will continue to claim it always, “he said on Monday, December 26.

Likewise, he announced the three demands that the blue and whites have launched after the fact was made known. The first is that the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the educational institution that issued the title of the minister, properly investigates and give the clarity that citizens deserve on the subject.

Secondly, they urged the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation to remove the minister from office in which the investigation is carried out, so that the investigations are not compromised, due to the position he holds.

Finally, in the event that the investigation finds that plagiarism did exist, that a political trial is held so that she faces the consequences of the illegal assumption that she would have committed in the eighties when she was a university student.

“Today we are demanding three things in a timely manner: first, that an efficient investigation be carried out to provide clarity on this matter, and the one who should investigate is obviously the UNAM. Second, that while this investigation is resolved, Minister Esquivel separates from office. Third, that in the event that plagiarism is proven, she retires from her position “

The UNAM began an investigation into the case (FES Aragón UNAM/Facebook)
The UNAM began an investigation into the case (FES Aragón UNAM/Facebook)

In addition to the above, López Rabadán accused that the minister has not been able to explain the reason for the coincidences between her thesis and the one carried out by Edgar Ulises Báez Gutiérrez two years earlier, for which reason ruled that it could be a copy.

“It took five days to try to build a justification for something that is obvious: the plagiarism of a thesis that is one more link in a chain of decisions that the minister has taken to benefit the López Obrador regime or to benefit herself,” she said.

Finally, he explained that article 95 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States (CPEUM) is very clear in what is required for a person to become a member of the SCJN -that is, to have more than 10 years with his law degree-, so reiterated that if plagiarism is provenYou should leave your position.


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