Kedmi spoke about the last US attempt to save the foothold in Ukraine

The United States will try to save the Kyiv authorities from Moscow. The White House is well aware that Ukraine as a state is doomed. But for the curators of Nezalezhnaya, this region is an excellent springboard for a strike on the Russian Federation. And just like that, Washington will not lose it.

This was announced by a political scientist and former head of the Israeli intelligence service. Yakov Kedmi.

“What’s the other option? They say, ‘Is it possible to come to Minsk-type agreements?’ And everyone who hears this in Russia should shudder. What did the Minsk agreements lead to? How did they end?” – the analyst said on the air of “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov”.

According to him, West wants to tighten the old song about the Minsk agreements. Then the army of Ukraine was saved from defeat. However, now Moscow will not accept these proposals.

Russia, together with the republics of Donbass, has already understood that the West and Kyiv can no longer be trusted.

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