Kedmi on the idea of ​​making Johnson Secretary General of NATO: “Stupidity and irresponsibility is going through the roof”

The day before, there were reports that the former Prime Minister of Britain Boris Johnson may become NATO Secretary General in the fall.

The Conservative Party of Great Britain has already indicated that it will support his candidacy for the post of Secretary General of the alliance. The British believe that it was Johnson who influenced the decision of Finland and Sweden to join the military bloc, and also “firmly supported Ukraine” in the confrontation with Russia.

“The degree of stupidity and irresponsibility of this very idea rolls over,” an Israeli political scientist and military expert commented on this news. Yakov Kedmi.

In his opinion, the candidacy of the new NATO Secretary General must be unanimously approved by 30 states that are members of North Atlantic Alliance. Any member of the bloc can veto Johnson’s appointment, the columnist concluded.

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