Karla Tarazona left the set of ‘Light it up’ when they mentioned Rafael Fernández

Karla Tarazona left the set of ‘Light it up’ when Rafael Fernández was mentioned to her. (Pan American TV)

He went! Karla Tarazona withdrew from the set of ‘turn on’ when Ricardo Rondón compared himself to Rafael Fernandez. And it is that, the morning magazine is in search of a fourth presenter and this January 12, the ex-host of ‘On everyone’s lips’ He was presented as a special guest and candidate to be the new face of Panamericana Televisión.

During the broadcast of the program, the popular ‘Nosy’ announced that the singer was also going to present a sequence, where he would talk about ‘The manual of the good driver’. At that time, the radio announcer had no better idea than to launch a joke.

“Take advantage of sending a kiss to all the retirees of our beloved Peru,” he said. Karla Tarazona, causing the laughter of his companions. Nevertheless, Ricardo Rondon interrupted her and left more than one surprised by mentioning Rafael Fernandez.

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“For a little while, if you expected the fourth driver to be tall and handsome, I’m sorry. At least, I’m more handsome than the ‘King of Eggs’, I’ll make it clear to you, ”he said in clear reference to the businessman, since this nickname was given to him when he announced his supplement business based on said food.

Given this, the cheerleader tried to defend herself, but Rondón did not let her speak. This caused her to explode and leave the set of her program. “If she is not going to let me speak, why are they bringing him,” she exclaimed, while she disappeared from the screen in front of the astonishment of Melissa Paredes.

Karla Tarazona left the set.  (Capture)
Karla Tarazona left the set. (Capture)

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