Karen Shakhnazarov: “Who is Artur Smolyaninov? And is he capable of thinking?

Karen Shakhnazarov

Karen Shakhnazarov

A photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

The other day, in an interview with Novaya Gazeta Europe (blocked in the Russian Federation), Russian actor Artur Smolyaninov said that even if he took part in the conflict, he would be on the side of Ukraine, adding that he “doesn’t give a damn” about the Russian Federation, even if from the country one area will remain, “and everything else will turn into radioactive ash.”

His statement made a lot of noise. State Duma deputy Sultan Khamzaev believes that Smolyaninov’s statement falls under the criminal articles on violation of the territorial integrity of Russia and on extremism. He will appeal to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation with a request to initiate a criminal case against Smolyaninov.

This is on the one hand. On the other hand, it is not clear what the actor is thinking about when he says such things? Is he capable of thinking at all? In emigration (Smolyaninov seems to be living in Latvia now), none of the Russian artists found a job that they had in Moscow. It is incredibly difficult to settle down there, it is generally impossible to receive the same fees as they received in Russia. What do the “masters of culture” think?

We asked the director to comment on this case Karen Shakhnazarova.

– I don’t know who Artur Smolyaninov is. Is that Jean-Paul Belmondo? Evgeny Evtigneev? Marlon Brando? Journalists call me, but I don’t understand who they are asking me about. Who is this Smolyaninov? .. How did he become famous in the profession? Who the hell knows who he is. I am a professional director, making films for 50 years. I don’t know this actor…

– I’ll tell you now. In his new painting “Khitrovka. The Sign of the Four” you shoot in the title role of Konstantin Kryukov, who once starred with Artur Smolyaninov in “9th Company” with Fyodor Bondarchuk. Now remember?

– So what? In the “9th company” a lot of people starred. Do you think I remember everyone?


What to do with Russian cultural figures who betrayed our country?

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