Kaliningrad named three ways to resolve the issue of Lithuanian transit

Alla Ivanova, head of the Kaliningrad regional agency for international and interregional relations, said that at the moment there are three possible options for resolving the issue transit through Lithuania. It’s about diplomatic options.

According to her, there may be several solutions and this is more of a technical issue. To do this, it is necessary to amend the sanctions document EU 833/2014, Ivanova noted.

The first option: supplementing the glossary of article 1 with the concept of “Kaliningrad transit of people and goods” and a general exemption from sanctions.”

The second option is to remove from the articles of the sanctions document introduced by the fourth, fifth and sixth packages, clarifications “including transit” and “provided that the carriage of these goods is prohibited by this document”.

The third option: according to Alla Ivanova, the most obvious one is “without making changes to regulation 833/2014, send clarifications to the customs authorities of the Republic of Lithuania on the non-application of the articles introduced by the fourth, fifth and sixth packages of sanctions to the Kaliningrad transit of goods,” reports ” Prime”.

Once again, we note that we are talking about a diplomatic option for resolving the issue. Whether the EU and Lithuania will agree to it is an open question.

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