Kadyrov is included in the Russian Book of Records

Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov received an unexpected but well-deserved gift on his 46th birthday (birthday he celebrates today, October 5).

Glavred Book of Records of Russia Stanislav Konenko presented him with a certificate stating that he was listed in the Book as the person against whom the greatest number of sanctions were imposed. The presentation of the commemorative document took place at an event dedicated to the Day of the City of Grozny.

As Kadyrov himself previously calculated, since 2011, “at least 70 restrictions” have been imposed against him:

“Lukashenko and Bashar al-Assad, unloved by the West, cannot ‘boast’ with such a number. I even overtook the North Korean leader, and Hollywood films are made about him,” the Chechen leader wrote in his Telegram, noting that he would certainly submit applications “for the record“first to the Russian Book, and then, “so that foreign politicians feel that it was not in vain that they invented restrictions for 11 years” – to the Guinness Book of Records.

Although everything is not easy with Guinness: the editors have stopped registering record holders from Russia and Belarus. Plus one more sanction in Kadyrov’s piggy bank…

The most ridiculous sanction

Ramzan Kadyrov frankly laughs every time he receives another sanction. But recently, even he got a little confused. Yes, and there was a reason: it turned out that restrictions against the head of the Russian region were introduced by New Zealand:

“I forgot a little where it is, and decided to check if it’s New Zealand, which is sixteen thousand kilometers away? Exactly! The one where I keep nothing, where I store nothing and where I have an army of thousands of nothing. didn’t please?” Kadyrov was surprised.

And then, apparently, thinking carefully, he suggested:

“Let’s do it. So that all countries can curry favor with the United States, announce the toughest package of sanctions against me at the same time on one day! All countries at once. Let this be the International Day of Sanctions against Kadyrov. And I will celebrate it!”

Well, Ramzan Kadyrov now has the first reason to “celebrate sanctions”. I wonder when he will set a new record?

By the way, Ramzan Kadyrov had previously been a recognized record holder. And twice? in 2016 and 2021, he set records for the highest number of votes in the elections of heads of regions in the world:

  • in 2016, 97.56% of voters voted for him;
  • in 2021 – 99.7%.

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