Kadyrov addressed mobilization evaders: No honor and dignity

Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov stated that citizens of the Russian Federation who do not want to take part in a special operation in Ukraine do not have the right to be called men.

The head of the Chechen Republic is convinced that those who are trying to hide from the draft do not have the qualities worthy of a real man.

“More and more often I think about fleeing dodgers. Do they have the right to call themselves men? No! Do they have honor? No! A sense of dignity? No! Or some moral values? No!” Kadyrov said.

The Chechen leader was especially surprised by the deviators from the Caucasus.

“Guys, do you think that you are saving yourself from death? So if it is destined in the battle for their homeland, isn’t it an honor for the highlanders at all times?” – the head of Chechnya asked his countrymen a question.

Earlier, Kadyrov recalled that there are 5 million security officials in Russia, who even without mobilization destroy any army.

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