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Today is another challenge for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. In the two English districts of Wakefield and Tiverton and Honiton, by-elections to the lower house are being held. In both of them, his conservatives are now pushing for a shorter end, as in both of them their former deputies had to resign due to sex scandals.

If Johnson’s Conservative Party actually burns in the election, it will be a particularly unpleasant blow to the Prime Minister. It is not even two weeks since he “survived” the parliamentary vote of no confidence. Almost 150 (out of 359) his own deputies voted against him at the time. If it turns out that Johnson’s name no longer draws – in other words, that the Conservatives are unable to win the election – the prime minister’s position will continue to weaken.

Each of these constituencies is a completely different case. Tiverton and Honiton is a rich corner in the sunniest part of England, where the “blue”, ie conservatives, have won since 1920. It is a recreational area in County Devon, where the average property price is 280 thousand pounds (about 8 million crowns), ie almost double that of North English Wakefield. Many wealthy Britons are moving to this tip of Albion for life, with a share of voters in retirement age of almost 30 percent.

Wakefield, on the other hand, used to be a guaranteed red bastion. The average wage and age are lower here, and unemployment is higher (almost 5 percent). That is why, until 2019, Labor was always elected here. However, after the reorganization of the British political map – as a result of the Brexit referendum – the Conservatives also penetrated here and smoked this piece of the “red wall” for themselves. Commentators predicted that the Labor Party, with its current emphasis on “London” issues such as race and gender, would have trouble returning.

Nevertheless, the two districts, which are now focused on voting, have something in common. So far, they have been represented by MPs who have recently resigned due to sexual scandals. Neil Parish, a Member of Parliament for Tiverton and Honiton, was to watch porn during the House of Commons. As soon as the internal party investigation was launched, he packed his bags. Wakefield MP Ahmad Khan was again convicted of sexual harassment of juveniles and sentenced to one and a half years in prison.

One new “red brick”?

In terms of seriousness and type of offense, it is certainly a different league. But for voters, it doesn’t matter. What they need to know is that they bet on the “blue” candidate last time and that it didn’t pay off. In both circuits, it looks like a color change. Labor poll Simon Lightwood leads the steamer in the Wakefield polls, and all indications are that he is making his way to victory. The crumbling “red wall” thus gets back at least one brick.

The situation in Tiverton and Honiton seems more complicated and is further overshadowed by the absence of opinion polls. According to British media speculation, this looks like a close battle between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. The right-wing media notes that local conservatives have completely erased any mention of the prime minister from the election campaign. So for Johnson, it would be more of a Pyrrhic victory.

The prime minister’s hard root

Nevertheless, it is not advisable to write off the Tory leader prematurely. Also because it is a popular sport for journalists. The “guaranteed news” of Johnson’s fall on the islands has been resonating with some intensity for half a year – since the beginning of the so-called partygate, which revealed parties at the government headquarters during a coronavirus lockdown. In addition, deputies cannot statutory re-vote of no confidence for a whole year since the previous vote – until June 2023. Although fantastic scenarios about changes to the statutes appear in the media, this is now rather unlikely.

In any case, the commentators agree that Johnson’s situation is not good. Although his public image was partially improved by the strong support of Ukraine occupied by the Russian army and the abundant pictures with the popular president Volodomyr Zelensky – even that has the desired effect in Britain only on a certain group of voters. The biggest problem in the first place is that he lost the support of the right wing of his own party, which once put him in a chair. Personalities such as former Brexit minister David Davis and another prominent Brexit Steve Baker have spoken out against him.

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