Johnny Depp, who returned to life after a divorce from Amber Heard, sold 780 of his own paintings for $ 3.65 million

Hollywood star Johnny Depp

Hollywood star Johnny Depp

A photo: REUTERS

Scandalous divorce from Amber Heard Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp survived with dignity.

Firstly, according to rumors, he is not going to claim multimillion-dollar compensation, which Hurd cannot pay.

Secondly, well earned on the set of a French drama “Favorite”.

And, thirdly, he began to sell engravings, which he wrote all the time while he was in disgrace.

Thus, the art prints of the debut exhibition of the actor Friends And Heroes (“Friends and Heroes”) went for three million pounds or 3.65 million dollars (227 million rubles).

In the pictures that created by Depp, celebrities are depicted. Or those whom he knows personally, or just great people: Elizabeth Taylor, Al Pacino, Bob Dylan, Keith Richards and so on.

The works were presented on the official website of the British store Castle Fine Art, where a special section for Johnny’s collection. The price for the work of a star artist is very humane: from three to twelve thousand pounds sterling.

As a result, 780 of these works were sold out in just a few hours. Who doesn’t mind having a job at home Jack Sparrow himself? Surely Johnny has other works in his stash, which he will gladly sell in the near future.

“I have always used art to express my feelings and reflect on those who matter most to me, family, friends and people I admire,” explained Johnny’s motivation.


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