Joe Biden’s resignation: Washington hawks are preparing to peck the US president

Americans collect petitions for the resignation of Joe Biden

Americans collect petitions for the resignation of Joe Biden

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Petitions Calling for the President of the United States Joe Biden to resign, on a variety of Internet platforms – a great many. Many of them have collected tens of thousands of signatures.

Deeply aged, lost in space, forgetting everything in the world, constantly making strange reservations, the head of state has indeed long disappointed many Americans who are ready for the fact that the change of power in the White House will take place long before the 2024 presidential election.


Only one American president has voluntarily resigned. Richard Nixon was forced to take this step because of the Watergate scandal. The powers of the remaining 45 presidents ended due to their re-election or death. It is also possible to remove a president from office in America by impeaching him. Such attempts were made, but the end of the matter never came to fruition.

It would seem that Biden has every chance to become second after Nixon. Primarily because of his alleged involvement in the shady dealings of his son, Hunter. But the US FBI is slowing down the investigation.


American legislation relatively clearly defines the procedure for the change of power in the event of the resignation or death of the president of the country, as well as the inability of them to perform their duties due to health reasons. In this case, before the next elections, all the levers of government go to the vice president. If something happens to him (or her), then the next in the list of 18 personalities will be the speaker of the House of Representatives, then the president pro tempore of the Senate, and so on. It is said that in the event of a nuclear war or a large-scale catastrophe, a secret continuation of this list has been compiled, but this information has never been officially confirmed.


Biden, 79, is not going to leave the White House yet. Moreover, he assures that he intends to run for a second 4-year term in 2024.

If he does not withdraw his candidacy, then the Democratic Party will have no opportunity to present another candidate – it can only be the incumbent president.

Will Biden himself understand the absurdity of his presidency and resign or will his party comrades persuade him to voluntarily give up the fight for a second term – this is the main intrigue of domestic American politics.


In order for the Democrats not to lose in 2024, Kamala Harris needs time to step up the campaign. And there is very little time. Therefore, Biden’s voluntary resignation is the best option.

Political scientist Dave Berger even calls day Biden is due to announce his resignation:

– November 20 of this year, Biden will be 80 years old … On his birthday, he should present our people with the best gift – to step down as president. With a stroke of the pen, Biden will pass on the baton of political leadership to the next generation with dignity. Such a scenario would have been a glorious exit from the political scene, securing Biden’s place in history.

Former US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley also urged president to resign, saying that “if Biden loves his country, then he should go.”

Authors of one of the petitions “Biden must go” accuse the incumbent head of state of unleashing “crisis after crisis.” β€œHe would have had a more successful presidency if all he did was hide in his basement,” they scoff, recalling that for most of his election campaign, which fell on the rampage of the COVID-19 pandemic, Biden made promises while sitting in basement of his house, almost without meeting with voters.


The possible resignation of Biden plays into the hands of those wishing to compete in an open military confrontation with Russia. The Courier proposes the following scenario: Harris, automatically in office, appoints either the current head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin, or the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, as his deputy.

– The world will immediately begin to respect such a successor administration. And Russia will fail the war in Ukraine. After all, Russia knows that Austin and Milley played a key role in shaping the American position on Ukraine. writes The Courier author Vernon Weems.


It is possible that Biden himself and his inner circle have already begun to prepare the ground for the presidential resignation. It is unlikely that anyone would think of conditioned it by numerous failures on the political and economic fronts, but a deadly disease will justify all the shortcomings of the government and at the same time cause pity for the old, sick person.

So Biden’s public admission that he has cancer is probably the first step towards preparing public opinion for the president’s departure for a well-deserved rest. The reason for leaving will be both logical and not offensive.

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