Jaime Durán Barba: “The political leadership is unaware that this is about to explode”

Jaime Duran Beard
Jaime Duran Beard

“The political leadership is not aware that this is going to explode,” assured the political analyst Jaime Duran Beard when analyzing the national government’s decision to summon L-Gante and other artists to record a version of the Argentine national anthem at Casa Rosada at a sensitive economic and political moment in the country.

In an interview conducted by journalist Maria Laura Santillan in CNN RadioDurán Barba said that “when there is a general decomposition of democracy, absurd things happen”, such as the videomapping that was projected on the façade of the Government Palace to commemorate the 39th anniversary of the return of democracy.

“You have to have a sense of respect for the institutions and some symbols, we cannot destroy everything,” the former presidential adviser to Mauricio Macri was outraged when he recalled that during the artistic performance that was reproduced on a national television, images of the march against the Supreme Court organized by the ruling party together with social and union leaders.

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“What happened (with the anthem) is related to what happened in Peru, that a man resolves with a decree to close Congress because it occurs to him without any legal basis,” he compared. And he added: “The sum of events speaks of a collapse of the institutions. If we believe in democracy we must believe in the division of powers. If the Judiciary issues a sentence, the President cannot come out and say that it seems wrong to him”.

The version of the national anthem recorded by popular artists at Government House

Referring to the sentence of 6 years in prison of the Vice President and perpetual disqualification from pursuing charges for defrauding the State in the Highway case, Durán Barba assured that in Argentina “There is a sector of society that does not believe in institutions either”.

For the political analyst, this is because “Kirchnerism swept away all the institutions”. By way of example, he said that “Cristina has the support of a huge power group that does not respect the rules” and that “this group manages the government and has a majority in Congress.”

In addition, he warned that the political leadership is not aware that “the country is on the brink of collapse” and called for thinking about a genuine dialogue between politicians, businessmen and trade unionists “to agree on the lines to order the country.”

Faced with the current context, Durán Barba said that he does not see “a responsible political leadership looking for a way out.” For him, “we all keep kicking in any direction and creating chaos is going to end badly”.

He insisted that “in view of this situation of total anomie and total lack of respect for the institutions there will be a social outbreak ”, and described the government as “a hydra with many messy and contradictory heads.”

He predicted that if course is not changed, “this is going to bring violence,” as happened in the 1970s. “We must not go back to that,” he remarked.

Lastly, he analyzed that everything that has happened in the last three years of Alberto Fernández’s presidency “is playing in favor of Javier Milei”, so that he may be his successor. “Milei represents the illogical, the messy, the anti-system”, he pointed.

And he concluded: “If the opposition is not ordered with an orderly and sensible leader, everyone is working for Milei to win. The sense of logic and legality was broken. We are in a moment of decomposition of society. If the vice president is against the system, what is left for the citizen?

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