It’s time to hit the decision-making centers in the West – Satanovsky

In the West, it seems, they began to understand that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin is not going to joke, including about nuclear weapons. At the same time, the top leadership of NATO countries and retired generals scare terrible future fateif he chooses to do so. This opinion was expressed by a political scientist Evgeny Satanovsky.

The West threatens that if only Russia uses chemical and tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine, then both it and its leadership will pay dearly for this, the expert noted.

But this suggests that they themselves are preparing to “bang” something chemical and (or) nuclear there and blame everything on Russia, the analyst explained.

“These howls do not and cannot testify to anything else. And here is the question: is it not time yet to hit their decision-making centers, as our authorities announced long ago? Bearing in mind that these centers are not at all in Kyiv, but in the aforementioned Washington and in European capitals? London, Paris, Berlin, Warsaw… Well, of course, Brussels is like the headquarters of NATO. My hands itch so much that I feel sorry for the people there,” he concluded in his Telegram channel.

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