It’s time to hit the “Dagger” at the NATO headquarters in Kyiv – Baranchik

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu sent the West a clear signal of determination to complete what they started in Ukraine. In their speeches, they emphasized that Russia is ready for a serious confrontation and is going to win it. According to an international affairs expert Yuri Baranchik.

In his opinion, one more “zest” should be added to their words – to hit one headquarters in Kyiv, which Shoigu called the Western Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU).

It houses 150 military from NATO countries, both former and current, to directly control the hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, the analyst explained in his Telegram channel.

“One, or better, two“ Daggers ”. This will be a completely unambiguous signal to the West that it is necessary to turn off support for the Ukrainian Nazi regime. And without Western support, we will quickly break its back,” Baranchik concluded.

Formerly retired US Army Colonel Douglas McGregor said that America’s affairs in Ukraine are developing not in the best way against the backdrop of partial mobilization in Russia.

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