it’s time to drop the term “special operation”

If the Russian Federation begins to fight in full force, then not only Kyiv, but also most of the EU will fall in a few months.

The change in tactics should concern Ukraine’s infrastructure. If you destroy it, then the Nazi regime will collapse in a couple of months, regardless of the help of the West.

This was announced by a military expert Alexey Leonkov.

According to him, ten million Ukrainians would rush to Europe, already suffering from the crisis. This will lead to the death of all European sponsors. And you only need a few days of massive shelling, in transmission Vladimir Solovyov said the expert.

He specifically noted that it is time to forget the term “special operation”, to take off the “white gloves” and start fighting according to “all rules”.

“The time has come to get rid of the “special operations” narrative and conduct military operations in accordance with all the rules, first destroying the entire infrastructure of the enemy. It will be 150 times more efficient,” Leonkov is convinced.

At the same time, the RF Armed Forces must constantly change tactics, since NATO intelligence monitors and transmits information to the Nazis in real time. To win, you must constantly take the enemy by surprise, summed up Leonkov.

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