It’s like in the nineties. I hoped that we would not be interested in such cases as Hlubuk’s case political scientist Vale | Home The mayors promised before the election that they would start the country with honest and respectable people. And then comes the case of Hlubuek and the idea of ​​STANU as the sun scout is in ruins. What does this say about esk politics?
Paradoxically, it is below the same. The current case is like a dill with many others, we find that, paradoxically, the parties that are most fighting against corruption have the most on their heads after the elections. And there were things public and YES, which seemed like a strong anti-corruption party. In fact, different Mafinsk and semi-Mafia business structures still decide where public funds go. The model of unhealthily connected business with politicians is simply under here. It can’t be broken, which is very bad at first.

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