It’s high time to destroy Zelensky’s fiss, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the SBU – Sivkov

Russian authorities should act more decisively and consistently in relation to Kyiv. If you threaten, and then do not translate the words into reality, then at some point this impression ceases to produce. This opinion was expressed by a military expert Konstantin Sivkov.

The analyst believes that when Russia announced that it would soon hit the decision-making centers and did not do this, the United States perceived this as weakness. And if you act as carefully as now, then America will understand that this is not enough and will intervene more decisively.

Their confidence that the Russian Federation can go for the use of nuclear weapons is fading. And they are becoming convinced that even if they continue to escalate, Russia will not dare to use nuclear weapons, Sivkov explained.

In his opinion, if strikes on decision-making centers were announced, then at least the Zelensky Office, the General Staff of Ukraine and the headquarters of the SBU should have been destroyed, the expert concluded.

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