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The Magadan region is helping Zhdanovka prepare kindergartens and schools for the start of the school year.

The Magadan region is helping Zhdanovka prepare kindergartens and schools for the start of the school year.

The car park of municipal enterprises of the cities of the republic is replenished. Thank you, Russia helps. Especially those regions that have taken patronage over specific cities and districts of Donbass.

So, municipal equipment recently arrived in Zhdanovka, which she sponsors, from Kolyma itself. Five special vehicles were bought with money raised in Magadan. Now they are already working on the streets. All equipment was transferred to the balance of the municipal utility company “Svitanok”.

– The year before last, the Ministry of Construction of the Republic provided us with a new garbage truck, a used tractor, a combined road vehicle and a tower. This is the only working equipment in the city today. Therefore, the arrival of new cars is a real holiday for us. Thank you Magadan region for your support, – said the mayor of Zhdanovka Sergey Litvinov.

In total, the Magadan region will purchase 12 special cars for Zhdanovka. Among them are a sewer washing machine, a wheeled excavator, a bulldozer, a unit for repairing equipment and pumping units, a road edge mower, a mobile technical assistance workshop on a GAZ chassis, and a Klintsy truck crane.

But the help doesn’t stop there. Most recently, the Kolyma authorities sent equipment for the Central Hospital to Zhdanovka – a high-frequency wall-mounted X-ray machine, dental units, washing machines, refrigerators, and much more. For doctors and residents, this is a grandiose event: now the range of medical services in the city will expand.

– We did not even believe that this miracle would happen. The Magadan region covered all the needs that the hospital had, – smiles the head physician of the Zhdanovka city hospital Sergey Fomin.

Schools and kindergartens do not remain without the attention of Magadan chefs. Buildings are undergoing renovations. Construction materials from the Magadan region are delivered to Zhdanovka almost daily. According to the city administration, windows for replacement in three kindergartens should be brought here by the end of July. The builders will also replace the entrance groups and street pavilions there.

In one of the kindergartens – “Ugolek” – there has never been a major overhaul before. The windows in it are dilapidated, the music and assembly halls, as well as the pool, have long been closed due to lack of investments. However, now Ugolok is starting a second life. Builders have already started roofing work here.

Capital repairs of the roof have also begun at school No. 2.

– It becomes warm in the soul when we see how quickly the Russian builders got down to business. All my friends, all the environment, all of us – could not even imagine that they would help us so much. Many thanks to all of Russia, to the people who came to the rescue, – says the mother of the preschooler Svetlana Danilyuk.

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