Itatí Cantoral wanted to sing “La Guadalupana” for the second time, but they wouldn’t let her

Itatí Cantoral is a faithful supporter of the Catholic faith (Photo: Itatí Cantoral's video capture)
Itatí Cantoral is a faithful supporter of the Catholic faith (Photo: Itatí Cantoral’s video capture)

Itatí Cantoral gained peculiar fame in 2016 when, as part of the celebrations for the day of the virginone of the most representative traditions of the Catholic faith in Mexico, gave an attention-grabbing performance of many.

And it is that “Las mañanitas a la Virgen” is one of the most anticipated moments for the hundreds of faithful and pilgrims who come to the Basilica of Guadalupe year after year, transmission that is witnessed by thousands of other believers from home. Singers and other celebrities usually attend the event to pay their respects to the dark-haired virgin and sing religious songs.

Among the celebrities who have attended the Basilica of Guadalupe are Lola Beltrán, María de Lourdes, Irma Dorantes and recently Lucero, Marco Antonio Solís, Juan Gabriel, Mijares and Emmanuel.

Fans in Qatar celebrated the Virgin of Guadalupe (Instagram/ @caramelomexico)
Fans in Qatar celebrated the Virgin of Guadalupe (Instagram/ @caramelomexico)

It was December 12, 2016 when Itatí Cantoral caused a stir for interpreting the theme The Guadalupana in a “strange” way, according to the numerous comments that appeared immediately after the broadcast on open television. In this way, the participation of the actress in the event has been one of the most remembered, and not precisely because she is the most virtuous or the most emotional.

And it is that in a very effusive way, the well-known actress interpreted the song Guadalupano, a fact that caused a stir and sparked speculationit was even rumored that the actress behind the villain “Soraya Montenegro” sang while intoxicated or under the influence of any substanceIn addition to the fact that it is a recurring joke on social networks, it is that Cantoral had “got the devil in”.

At the time, the actress took it humorously, and over the years she has revealed her perspective on that embarrassing moment, but it was now, six years later, that Itatí addressed the subject again.

It was in the most recent season of the show. The divine food Mexico where the daughter of the well-remembered composer Roberto Cantoral confessed that she herself knew that her participation in “Las mañanitas a la virgen” had been wrong.

“It is that they told me that I would like to go sing with the Virgin of Guadalupe, in the Villa, and I am a very believer, so I said, ‘yes, it would be very beautiful for me’; I didn’t try it or anything but since there were so many, I said, ‘right now they’re going to take it away from me’”, revealed the famous 47-year-old in the reality show in which various celebrities share their culinary skills and after-dinner conversations.

Even the actress crazy for change Y the perfect dictatorship requested to make a second version of his interpretation to improve his worksince it had not been satisfied.

“Total that happened once and I went in around two in the morningI do it very badly and they told me, ‘OK, thank you very much’, and I said to the person who was going with me, ‘hey no, I was testing, I think it turned out badToo bad, can’t I do it again?’” she recalled.

Because the famous woman believed that her participation would not air, as her companion made her believe so -whom she did not reveal her identity-, she felt confident that the public would not know of his misinterpretation.

soap opera actress as "Maria from the neighborhood" He stressed that at the time he sought to reinterpret the subject for which he was so criticized (Photo: Instagram)
The soap opera actress like “María la del barrio” stressed that at the time she sought to reinterpret the subject for which she was so criticized (Photo: Instagram)

“’Don’t worry, Itatí, it turned out very well, apart we are going to cut everything, and danger or nothing comes out’. I really thought that the song was not going to be published”, the ex-wife of also actor Eduardo Santamarina was honest.

The actress revealed how difficult the episode was in her life, since she felt like a victim of the virality of the internet, where multiple users assured that she was out of drinks. “Everything was that I was at the back, and it went viral because Itatí Cantoral was drunk.”


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