Italian aristocrat turned out to be a hired hitman working for the Albanian mafia

Italian aristocrat accused of working as a hired killer

Italian aristocrat accused of working as a hired killer

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The Italians have such a term “dolce far niente” – happy doing nothing. And Matteo Costacurta was born in order to spend his whole life in this wonderful occupation.

But the aristocrat lacked the thrill of life. And where to get them, if everyone is provided with everything from childhood: a noble Venetian family with a rich pedigree, owns a prestigious boutique hotel next to the Vatican (for which Costacurta received the nicknames “Saint Peter” and “Prince”), membership in the elite and oldest polo club “Roma Polo Club”, which at one time was visited by Elizabeth II, and Prince Harry came to participate in the tournament.

Matteo Costacurta, 38, was arrested two years ago. Roman police accused bon vivant that he discovered wounded drug dealer Alessio Marzani.

“He’s got a really disgusting nasty face… he won’t last long.” I can’t wait until I get to work, – these words, spoken during a telephone conversation, are attributed by the state prosecutors to “Saint Peter”. From this, the investigation concluded that Costacurta is a hired killer, and Martsani is his “order”.

At that moment, the drug dealer had something to “punish” for: he demanded money for his silence for hiding drugs that belonged to another crime boss, the Albanian Elvis Demse. The killer ambushed Marzani in the suburbs of Rome in the small town of Acilia, when he was riding a bicycle. An unknown person wounded him in the chest and left arm.

Matteo Costacurta was arrested in the company of four more people, among them – the same Albanian authority Demse, who hunted in Italy. In a telephone conversation intercepted by the police, Demse boasted that he had a team of “six lions” who could carry out any attack. For the murder of Martsani, the authority promised the “Prince” about 20-30 thousand euros. Now Demse denies all accusations of involvement in contract killings.

Costacurta also refuses to admit his guilt. And lawyers insist that Matteo is no longer the guy who in 2008 spent time in the company of right-wing radicals and participated in the attack on a Roman bar where left-wing youth gathered.

– Recently he was in Africa, working on projects for local Catholic nuns. Does this sound like a killer? – the lawyer Marco Franko indignantly asked the journalists.

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