It will be possible to vote online in Moscow without prior application

The September elections of municipal deputies in 125 districts of Moscow will be held with some innovations. For example, Muscovites will not have to apply for registration in online elections – lists of electronic voters will be generated automatically. Read more about this and other innovations in the material.

Now, to participate in remote voting, you only need a full account on the portal. To vote at a polling station, citizens traditionally only need a passport.

“Previously, it was necessary – usually 3-45 days before voting day – to submit an application, and if it was approved, then the voter was included in the list of participants in remote electronic voting (DEG) and without withdrawing the application could no longer vote with a paper ballot on “traditional” polling stations. Now, instead of this system, a single electronic list of voters will be used, thanks to which Muscovites can choose directly on voting day how it would be more convenient for them to vote – online or in person,” said the deputy chairman of the Moscow City Electoral Committee Dmitry Reut.

Changing your choice, as it was in the online elections to the State Duma, this time will not work, as well as using the delayed voting mode.

“The changes are aimed at making it more convenient for voters to vote, on the one hand, and on the other hand, to increase the transparency of the electoral process and, in principle, the security of the system itself,” said the chairman of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation. Ella Pamfilova.

Recall that the municipal elections in 2022 in Moscow will be held from 9 to 11 September. Instructions for participating in online voting are presented here.

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