It will be possible to talk about the legalization of weapons only after they are taken into account.

The head of the National Police, Igor Klymenko, believes that it is first necessary to register weapons in the hands of citizens, and only then talk about their legalization.

Klymenko said this on the air of the telethon, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“My position and the position of the National Police: first we must register all the weapons that were legally issued to our citizens – we register them during the war, and after the war we must register them. And only after that we can start a broad discussion on the legalization of short-barreled weapons,” the head of the National Police said.

According to him, the discussion on this issue should be wide, because the legalization of weapons will concern the security of every citizen of Ukraine.

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Klymenko also commented on the survey conducted in “Diya” on the possession of weapons.

“I ask the citizens who participated in such a survey: are you ready (for a situation – Ed.) When a citizen of Ukraine will go with weapons, for example, along Khreshchatyk? Will you feel safe? I received mixed responses. Therefore, I think we all need to work on this issue,” he said.

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As reported, according to a poll conducted by Diy, 58.75% of Ukrainians support free possession of weapons for the purpose of personal protection. For special needs – 19.43%, against the right to own weapons – 21.82%.

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