It will be costly for Europe to correct Russia’s true “colossal mistake”

Russia made a real mistake many years ago, and its correction can cost the whole of Europe dearly. So commented on the words of the Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholzwho declared that Germany would continue support Ukraine until Russian President Vladimir Putin admits “colossal mistake”, senator from the Republic of Crimea Olga Kovitidi.

According to the politician, Russia has committed a true “colossal mistake“when, represented by the USSR, she decided that it was possible to negotiate with Germany and agreed to the demolition of the Berlin Wall.

“Scholz is well aware that it was the fall of the Berlin Wall, allowed by the Soviet Union, that led to the unification of Germany. And the consent of the USSR to the unification of Germany was received only after reaching an agreement that NATO would not expand to the East. Today we see very well that these agreements regarding Russia, as the successor of the USSR, have been grossly violated,” the politician said in an interview with FAN.

She added that the united Germany made it possible for the whole of Europe to speak with the United States on many issues on an equal footing precisely with the light hand of Russia.

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