It was proposed to forget about the artists who left Russia forever

The names of those who left Russia with the beginning military operation in Ukraine, artists should be banned from being mentioned in the press and on the Internet. These are people opposed to Russia, and they must be forgotten forever. This opinion was expressed by the senator from the Crimea Sergei Tsekov.

In an interview with RIA Novosti, the politician said that he was considering the possibility of developing a bill that would prohibit any mention in the media and Internet resources of artists who left the country. According to Tsekov, such a law must be adopted, and then in a year no one will remember these artists.

The senator also noted that artists benefit from any mention of them, even if they are negative, as they play to increase their popularity. And when bad things are written about them, anyway, in this way they are advertised, the politician believes.

If the bill is adopted, the media and all Internet resources will be required to stop mentioning such artists. In addition, the document may also provide for a measure of punishment for violating the ban, the interlocutor of the publication explained.

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