It is good that the people have a pension, wrote Fiala. He assured the citizens that he would not raise the tax Home

We will not raise the tax, we consider it wrong. It is good when people and companies have a pension. We collect people’s income from the rest of the tax, which then consumes them, dissolves them and distributes them differently. It is better for society, the economy and the state that people and companies have pensions at their disposal, the premier wrote what they knew about the latest inflation data. In April, it accelerated in comparison. Prices rose by 14.2 percent compared to the lot.

The government is under pressure. At the end of April, the general government deficit rose to 100.1 billion crowns. Compared to the battle affected by the covid pandemic, the result is better by 92 billion crowns. For the whole of this year, the current budget has been approved, with a deficit of 280 billion crowns. Only into it saw the refugee crisis associated with the wolf in Ukraine.

In December last year, ie before this crisis, She liked to warn the national budgetthat to consolidate public finances will not only cost cuts in the tax, but the tax will need to increase.

The structural deficit for this year (2021) will be around 5.3 percent of GDP, which corresponds to 320 billion crowns. It is necessary to emphasize that this type of deficit will not be significantly reduced by economic growth, but to eliminate it it will be necessary to take discriminatory measures, ie changes in public revenue and expenditure. Due to the extent of the imbalance, the National Council will continue to believe that its reduction will not only be possible by the true party of the party, but will also need to be accessed from outside public revenues, the council said in December.

The Czech Republic is currently at the highest rate of consumer price inflation since December 1993. The government has decided to combat expensive fuels by temporarily reducing consumption taxes on petrol and diesel from the June to the end of 1.50 crowns per liter. Due to the healthy energy of communal services and the fine, the number of people who can pspvek na bydlen.

On Sunday, Labor Minister Marian Jureka said that since July, the government has probably regained a living wage due to inflation. living and existing minimum increased by ten percent this year. It should rise by about five percent from July.

As he took measures to mitigate the impact of rising prices, the government approved a one-off contribution. Families with a gross income of up to one million crowns for children under 18 should receive five thousand crowns. However, this is criticized by former Minister of Finance Miroslav Kalousek. According to him, such a contribution to poor families, on the other hand.

Give up that nonsense to poor households who will have to pay rich households. You are against darkness. Let’s contribute to the poorest households and continue to fool around, Kalousek wrote on Twitter, posting to the national team.

On Saturday, Kalousek warned that the people would become poorer and that nothing could be done about it. We can’t compensate it from the reserves, because we don’t have dn. And if we force the government to compensate for the debt, we will kill the prospects of the children. When we don’t panic, let’s get over it and after a while we start to get rich again, the former finance minister wrote.

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