It Doesn’t Sink: Unsightly Symptom of Dangerous Diseases Revealed

American scientists called non-sinking feces a sign of disease

American scientists called non-sinking feces a sign of disease

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This discovery surfaced by accident: during experiments with mice that live in sterile conditions from birth, scientists at the American Mayo Clinic in Minnesota (one of the largest private medical and research centers in the world) noticed that none of these individuals poop sinks. . Never. Generally. And we decided to check other, non-sterile mice. And then people get…

A detailed account of this unappetizing experiment is published in the journal Scientific Reports. The main thing: if all the feces of sterile mice sank immediately, then in non-sterile mice during that part of the experiment, which is beautifully called “flotation”, almost half went to the bottom. The poop was not only drowned, but also weighed. It turned out that their weight is different, and depends, among other things, on the gas content. And this, in turn, depends on the types of bacteria living in the intestines.

Human feces, which the tireless researchers took up at the last stage, showed the same results (taking into account, of course, that absolutely sterile people did not participate in the study). It turns out that earlier science believed that the weight of feces is associated only with the amount of fat, and its excess indicates violations of the processes of digestion and absorption.

“Remember Dr. House had a vegan patient whose husband also became a vegan,” comments a well-known science blogger and Ph.D. Ancha Baranova. But sometimes he cheated on her. Not in terms of love, but in terms of cutlet-meat-eating. And his wife, along with Dr. House, figured him out, because his poop stopped sinking. Dr. House said it was because of the animal fat. But it is not so. Poop can suddenly begin to swim in the event of a rapid multiplication of gas-producing microbiota, led by Bacteroidetes ovatum.

In healthy and adult people, the bulk of the gases are oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Other intestinal gases that internal bacteria and microbes produce – methane, hydrogen sulfide and ammonia – are usually much smaller.

Therefore, almost 85% of the feces of healthy people sink in water, the rest do not, the study says. These non-sinking poop belong, according to the experimenters and Anchi Baranova, especially to healthy people (unless, of course, they are vegans, since veganism stimulates gas formation). They are mega-healthy, because they easily tolerate Bacteroidetes ovatum frolicking inside the colonizers. But if a person did not change the diet, continuing to eat, including meat food, and his feces suddenly became unsinkable, then some inflammatory process has most likely begun or is starting in the intestines.

“These results may have implications for improving our understanding of the biotransformation of food microbes and gut microbial regulators of fecal flotation in healthy and diseased humans,” the researchers wrote, not hiding their desire to continue experimenting with faeces. Fortunately, the state of Minnesota pays, and there is an abundance of material.

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