It became known about the sad fate of Alla Pugacheva

Alla Pugacheva, having returned to Russia, leads a calm and measured life.

Alla Pugacheva, having returned to Russia, leads a calm and measured life.


Alla Pugacheva, having returned to Russia, leads a calm and measured life. The singer is raising twins Lisa and Harry, goes to visit friends. Of course, sad events are also present in the life of the Prima Donna. Died September 27 Boris Moiseevwhich Alla Borisovna She loved her very much, and now she mourns. Fans are worried about the condition of their favorite. Too much was on her right now. In this regard, the psychologist Veronika Stepanova decided to speak. She voiced her thoughts about the sad fate of a celebrity.

Alla Pugacheva for many years remains the singer number 1 for Russians. And this despite the fact that Alla Borisovna has not given concerts for a long time, does not perform at private parties. Yes, she continues to lead a social life, but she does it very selectively. Still, Primadonna is 73 years old.

At the same time, every year the artist surprises the public with her appearance. Many note its blooming appearance. Pugacheva is really only getting younger, despite the running years.

Stepanova calls Pugacheva a woman “without age”. “Probably only her closest ones: children, friends, relatives can see what she is like in real life,” says Veronica.

The psychologist also believes that The prima donna keeps herself in good shape thanks to younger childrenwho turned nine in September. The artist felt a great responsibility, and therefore began to monitor her health. Now, of course, the singer has become an example of a wonderful mother. “Now she pulled herself together a little, because she has two small children, she needs to somehow monitor her health,” the expert says.

At the same time, she considers Alla Borisovna real rebel. “… Such a rebel. She is such a diva, but in her there is the same male partshe is in this boyishness, inner rebellion suppresses femininity, “the psychologist explained in her Youtube channel.

Veronica also spoke about the fact that The prima donna can be forgotten when she is gone. “When Sobchak says that she fell in love, grieved, fell into depression under her music, I don’t believe it!” – said, as cut off, the woman.

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