Israeli women in labor massively demand DNA tests

In Israel, the scandal associated with the mistake of doctors is gaining momentum: during the procedure of artificial insemination (IVF), a woman introduced a foreign embryo, whose genetic data had nothing to do with either the mother or the father. Moreover, until now, the doctors of the clinic cannot clearly answer – whose and by whom the fertilized egg was implanted in the woman.

Now expectant mothers who have undergone a similar procedure in the same clinic are demanding that the Ministry of Health and the hospital management conduct a DNA test in order to eliminate such errors. They were also joined by those who had already carried the fetus and gave birth to a child after the IVF procedure. Moreover, the analysis, as required by women, should be carried out in an independent laboratory, and not in a clinic that made a mistake.

Oil was added to the fire by the decision of one of the chief rabbis of the Jewish state, where religion is not separated from the law, and the decisions of the chief rabbis have legal force. The religious leader decided that a woman who carried in her womb and gave birth to a child that was not genetically native to her would be his mother and would not be able to demand that the baby be transferred to her biological parents, even if they were found as a result of checks.

A similar story recently happened in the US. A couple of Americans, having learned about a medical error, sued the doctors, demanding financial compensation for the moral suffering experienced.

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